It is a bitter-sweet time, the end of another school year. We will all be happy when finals week is FINALLY over, but sad to be parting with our friends.. Some of which who will be graduating. The Marquette's Gender Sexuality Alliance will also be going through a few changes as we say good bye to some old friends, while initiating in the new. So, I would like to take this time to express great gratitude to the 2012/2013's e-board: 

Co- Presidents: Matthew Bin Han Ong and Emily Wright
Vice President: Nick Gutierrez
Secretary: Anna Olsen
Treasurer: Vantasia Joe
Special Events Coordinator: Kerri Byers
PR/Historian: Nichole Cunningham 

Matt already left us, since he graduated in December 2012 and is now off doing amazing things. While Nick and Nichole will be graduating in a few weeks. Emily will be off in D.C. during the fall, so we will see her again soon. But, while they are off to new beginnings, we wish them all the best of luck! (And hope that they can find time to visit.)

Now, for the new victims, er, e-board members: 

President: Ryan Pawlowski
Vice President: Kerri Byers
Secretary: Vantasia Joe
Treasurer: Connor Clancy
Special Events Coordinator: Riley Hoerner
PR/Historian: Colleen Heitlage

Congratulations to all these individuals! We look forward to what they have in store for us in the upcoming year.. Be prepared for a few changes (starting with updating our internet presence!), new events, and a lot of fun! Best of luck getting through the end of the semester, and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

-- Colleen Heitlage
Public Relations and Historian.


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