As you all know, we had our last potluck, which was tons of fun!! For updated photos of the potluck and also the march from Day of Silence- please refer to our facebook page.

Congrats on the new e-board members!! Hope you all have a wonderful year next year and continue to bring progress to Marquette Campus!!
President- Matt Ong and Emily Wright
VP- Nick Gutuierrez
Secretary- Anna Olson
Treasurer- Vantasia Joe
Event Coordinator- Kerri Byers
PR/ Historian- Nicole Cunningham

Like always, for those who missed our past meeting- Here's a quick preview!
1. Courtney Hansen
(a representative from Career services came to talk to GSA regarding career related resources in the LGBT+ work area and wanted to know what else we would like to see from career services)

2. Christopher Decker
(He wanted to know our input on Transgender issues on campus and what is still needed for transgender students for his report to Chris Miller)

Upcoming Events:
1. Movie Night
    - This Friday At Marie's Apartment
    - Movie TBD

2. Pink Smoke Over Vacation
    - Sunday March 25 (6-8 p.m.)
    - MU Hall 100
    Women and Gender studies presents- a documentary viewing and discussion on women ordination

3. Panel Discussion
    - Wednesday March 28 (6-8 p.m.)
    - Basement of Raynor (B and C conference rooms)
    - Free food!!
    Help us advertise!! (we handed out printed out fliers and also a jpg version on our facebook page to spread the word via Internet!) *Hope to see you all there!!

4. Day of Silence
    April 20th
    - A list of events to anticipate (still in the planning-  more details are coming)
            - Day of Silence Shirt Making (Next general meeting- Bring $5-7 with you!)
            - Helping JJ make a silent video (This video will include students and faculty holding up signs with                 statistics regarding suicides or bullying rates and will be on Display all over AMU TV's)
            - Pledge to be Silent stickers will be handed out
            - March (meeting at Joan of Arc- around campus to Brew)
            - Breaking the Silence (at the brew)
            - Shall Not be Recognized Gallery Exhibit (an exhibit of Same sex couples and their stories on                     display on the first floor of AMU)
            - For the Bible Tells me So (Movie display at Auditorium) + discussion afterwords
            - Speak Up- Movie display by Multicultural affairs (week before day of silence)

Other Important Info Discussed:
1. Starshack Speaker
        We have a couple that funds us to invite speakers to campus to discuss LGBT+ issues. What would you         guys like to see?? What kind of speakers? To discuss what topics??

2. Next Year's E-board
What our roles are now:
Making sure everything runs smoothly and all e-board members stay on task
Interacting with people who wants to work with GSA

Vice President
Supports the President to get shit done

Making sure we have funding for our fun educational and      social events

Takes notes at meetings
Sending out emails and interfacing with members

Events Coordinator
Makes sure rooms are reserved and events are registered

PR/ Historian
Maintains GSA website, calendar, social media (FB)
Takes photos  & creates promotional fliers for GSA events

How election works:
1.Each individual can nominate themselves and others for the position and must be seconded by another person  

2.The individual that is nominated has a right to decline that position ● 3.The next meeting later – The candidates have 3 minutes to speak  regarding the ONE position they chose to run for ● 4.A secret ballot shall take place, with all members having one vote. ●

**Start thinking about what position to run for and or who to nominate- at our next meeting we will nominate!!

That's all for now! These events will also be listed on our calendar. Don't forget to come to the Panel discussion next wednesday!! Have a wonderful Easter Break and we'll see you all at our next general meeting on April 12!!
For those who couldn't make our meeting tonight and or had to leave early, I realize we all have busy schedules and are most likely not going to read every word in this document- so I tried to make it as scan-able as I can- here's what you missed!

Things We Discussed:
1. Representatives of Tammy Baldwin's Campaign came to speak to us regarding LGBT candidates running. For more information, go to ((Those interested in volunteering for the campaign- their office is only a mile away from MU campus!! Feel free to contact one of e board members for more information))

2.  Showed Pictures of UWM Dragshow and shared our experiences.

3. Current Events:
                - Legalized gay marriages in Maryland and Washington
                - Federal abuse court ruled Prop 8 in California is unconstitutional. For more info
                - Gender Resource Center - Discussion Panel
                                    >> Who went?
                                    >> It's a center for both LGBTA+ and Sexual Assault Awareness
                                    >> In short- we discussed as a panel how we expected GRC to look like :
                                                    - comfy couches so it's more friendly and welcoming
                                                    - potential large rainbow flag
                                                    - lots of resources and fliers to provide further education
                                                    - Access to computers (similar to Multicultural center now....)
                                     >> We also talked about how the name Gender Resource Center is not encompassing                                             enough and that 'sexuality' should be included whether in the name or logo
                                    >> We also mentioned the need to provide a blue phone booth or an emergency phone/                                         button in case of emergencies/ Also the need for extra DPS officers patrolling
                                    >> Discussion upon whether students should be involved in the hiring process of the                                             Director for the Resource Center

Upcoming Events:
1. Vagina Monologue
                What >> Heartbreaking monologues re-enacted by people about young women across the world-                                   ranges from very humorous to very sad
                When >> THIS FRIDAY! at 8 p.m.
                Where >> AMU
                    **Preferably a $5-$10 donation is appreciated! 
                    For more information 

2. oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at UWM)
                What >> all Mke are LGBTA+ students go to get to know one another
                When >> Friday as well- 6 p.m.
                 Where >> UWM Union Fireside Lounge >> (2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI)

3. Movie Night!!
                What >> The title explains it all...
                When >> 7 p.m.
                Where >> Marie's Apartment. For obvious reasons- we are not posting address on here. Email one                                 of the eboard members to get exact address! =]

                **Movie is still TBA. GO HERE to vote for what movie to watch!

4. Panel Discussion (Bringing the Rainbow to Marquette!)
                What >> A panel discussion to talk about workshops we had while at MBLGTACC and how we can                             apply what we learned to Marquette campus
                When >> March 28, 2012 (6 p.m.- 8 p.m.)
                 Where >>  Basement of Library.
                ** More details will come- You will also see Fliers everywhere and we will most likely ask all GSA                      members to help tape them up all over campus so we can get as much visibility as possible.

                **THOSE ON THE PANEL- Please have your answers and notes prepared- If you are concerned                     about your answers- feel free to email them to any of the e-board members and we will look                         over it for you. Also- Those planning on doing the individual testimonies- please have that                             ready as well.

5. Sexual Awareness Week
            The Milwaukee Police Department was contacted by Marquette University last week to investigate a report of sexual assault. The incident occurred a week before Sexual Violence Awareness Week, highlighted through a variety of events around campus. Last April Marquette changed and strengthened its reporting policy so that all sexual assault reports to the Department of Public Safety are reported promptly to the Sensitive Crimes Unit. More information to come regarding specific events during this week.

**We won't be meeting next time until after Spring Break- But stay tuned on FB, email or check this calendar to keep updates on when our next meeting is! =]
For those who couldn't make our first meeting of the Spring semester, here's what you missed. (A wonderful game of Taboo and important information!!)
Upcoming Events to Look Forward to:
1. UWM Drag Show
                February 25 (more details will come later)
2. Day of Silence
                April 20
                - For those who are not aware of what the Day of Silence is all about: It's a day where we take a                   stand to end name calling, harassment and the silencing of LGBTQ persons. For more                                    information, refer to here.
3. We're also planning a few other group outings and social events, but if you have an idea or suggestions on what you'd like us to do, please feel free to contact eboard and let us know!

For those who are going to MBLGTACC conference:
It's on February 10th-12th and we're meeting at SHAMU (located between Shroeder and AMU) at 8 am on Friday. Please prepare ahead of time and let your professors know you will be missing classes that day. There will be another car leaving later, but we encourage to work things out with your professors ahead of time. Also, we are currently still short one car, so if anyone owns a car and would love to drive please feel free to contact Eboard. You will be compensated for tolls and gas!

Since we are going to conference very shortly, we need to fund raise for some money to ensure we get the most out of our trip experience. This event will take place Feb 2nd from 11:30 - 4 pm. There has been a sign up sheet to see who can table at what time. Please email Anna to sign up! Anyone who is going to the conference must participate in either tabling or donating baked goods to sell.

ALSO: Those of you who are going to the conference, please make sure Carl received the remainder of your deposit ($40). Thank you!!!

If you have any concerns or further questions, feel free to contact any member from the eboard!
College Democrats contacted the e-board recently and said they were looking for students interested in volunteering and getting involved with their Recall Scott Walker campaign.

Walker believes a law that gives gay couples hospital visitation rights violates the state constitution and has asked a judge to allow the state to stop defending it, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report in May.

Those interested in supporting MU Democrats may contact Zack Henderson at The organization will also be collecting signatures Nov. 15 through Jan. 15. 

On a lighter note, GSA will be celebrating the upcoming holidays with a Thanksgiving potluck at Matt's apartment 7 p.m. on Nov. 19 (Saturday). Although not required to pass, you are encouraged to indicate your dish on the Facebook event page when it is posted. The e-board will be providing the fowl of the season. =)

GSA will also be making paper turkeys for people to write what they are thankful for 11 - 4 p.m. on Nov. 15 (Tuesday) in the Alumni Memorial Union. Drop by and stick a bird for everyone to see!

Recent issues discussed at Thursday's meeting include the opening of a new LGBT Health Clinic in Indonesia, the GOP threat to eliminate same-sex partner benefits in Michigan, and the passage of a Senate bill Wednesday allowing Wisconsin schools to teach abstinence-only sex education courses.

Keep up with upcoming GSA events on our calendar or drop us an e-mail at to subscribe to our mailing list.
Three distinguished guests spoke at GSA's second meeting late Thursday about the role of the Office of Student Development's (OSD) Multicultural Affairs (MA) in LGBTQA advocacy on campus and PrideFest volunteering opportunities. 

Assistant Dean of MA Carla Cadet and John Janulis (JJ), interim coordinator, said MA strives to create safe zones for LGBTQA students on campus and invites GSA members to "join hands" in participating and co-organizing LGBTQA-related initiatives on campus.

"We're interested in advocating for diversity and inclusion ... a Safe Zone or Ally training program for staff and students on campus is in the works," Cadet said. 

MA will be serving cookies and holding a screening of "Milk", an Academy Award-nominated film starring Sean Penn as gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk. The screening will be held 7:30 p.m., Sept. 26 (Monday) in the Multicultural Center on the first floor of the Alumni Memorial Union.

GSA members also had a blast from the past as alumnus Minh Nguyen, '05-'06 GSA president and current PrideFest Volunteer Director, dropped by to talk about volunteering opportunities at Milwaukee's annual pride festival and LGBTQ music showcase.

"It's a little early, but we start promoting [PrideFest] in October," Nguyen said. "Volunteering is fun - you get to network and meet new people. Contact me or your e-Board if interested and follow PrideFest on Facebook for more updates."

Members were then briefed about signing up for AIDS Walk on Oct. 1 (team name MU GSA) and participating in Coming Out Week (Oct. 10 - 14). The night ended with a trivia quiz on LGBTQ history, pop culture, and all things rainbow.

Keep up with upcoming GSA events on our calendar or drop us an e-mail at to subscribe to our mailing list.
For those who couldn't make the first meeting (and any future ones), fret not - you'll find all the updates you need on this page!

Today we briefly introduced the e-Board members, our adviser, Ed de St. Aubin, Diversity Coordinator Angela Zapata and Steve Blaha, the assistant director of Campus Ministry (the e-Board also had ridiculous pictures of themselves on screen). We talked about our mission statement (which you can find here), and a few upcoming events (listed below). We ended the night with an ice breaker called "Captain's Coming", lots of snacks, and new friends. The following are some GSA events you'd really want to immortalize in your planner:

1. GSA Potluck!
Date:           Sept 17 (Saturday) 
Time:           6 p.m.- probably 9 or 10 p.m.
Location:      Matt's apartment (e-mail us or keep up with our GSA e-mails for address)
Other info:  If you haven't signed up, please feel free to email Anna and let us know if you're bringing 

2. AIDS Walk!
Date:         Oct 1 (Saturday)
Time:         10:30 a.m. (meeting outside Brew for breakfast); We will be departing at 11 a.m., so bring 
                  your bus passes!
Location:    Summerfest Grounds
Other info: If you want to, you could wear your GSA shirt. (If you love the t-shirt and want to get one, 
                   e-mail us!)

3. Coming Out Week!
Date:          Oct 10-14
Other info: More details to come. During this week, we "fly" the Pride flag in a display window in the
                   AMU and decorate it with glitter and unicorns (and photos too). We also line the paths
                   outside the AMU or Central Mall (outside Lalumiere) with rainbow flags and have a bake 
                   sale. Also, watch out for the "Chronicles of the Closet" - stay with us and you'll find out!

All the events are also enlisted under our Calendar. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Pictures will follow shortly.