For those who couldn't make our meeting tonight and or had to leave early, I realize we all have busy schedules and are most likely not going to read every word in this document- so I tried to make it as scan-able as I can- here's what you missed!

Things We Discussed:
1. Representatives of Tammy Baldwin's Campaign came to speak to us regarding LGBT candidates running. For more information, go to ((Those interested in volunteering for the campaign- their office is only a mile away from MU campus!! Feel free to contact one of e board members for more information))

2.  Showed Pictures of UWM Dragshow and shared our experiences.

3. Current Events:
                - Legalized gay marriages in Maryland and Washington
                - Federal abuse court ruled Prop 8 in California is unconstitutional. For more info
                - Gender Resource Center - Discussion Panel
                                    >> Who went?
                                    >> It's a center for both LGBTA+ and Sexual Assault Awareness
                                    >> In short- we discussed as a panel how we expected GRC to look like :
                                                    - comfy couches so it's more friendly and welcoming
                                                    - potential large rainbow flag
                                                    - lots of resources and fliers to provide further education
                                                    - Access to computers (similar to Multicultural center now....)
                                     >> We also talked about how the name Gender Resource Center is not encompassing                                             enough and that 'sexuality' should be included whether in the name or logo
                                    >> We also mentioned the need to provide a blue phone booth or an emergency phone/                                         button in case of emergencies/ Also the need for extra DPS officers patrolling
                                    >> Discussion upon whether students should be involved in the hiring process of the                                             Director for the Resource Center

Upcoming Events:
1. Vagina Monologue
                What >> Heartbreaking monologues re-enacted by people about young women across the world-                                   ranges from very humorous to very sad
                When >> THIS FRIDAY! at 8 p.m.
                Where >> AMU
                    **Preferably a $5-$10 donation is appreciated! 
                    For more information 

2. oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at UWM)
                What >> all Mke are LGBTA+ students go to get to know one another
                When >> Friday as well- 6 p.m.
                 Where >> UWM Union Fireside Lounge >> (2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI)

3. Movie Night!!
                What >> The title explains it all...
                When >> 7 p.m.
                Where >> Marie's Apartment. For obvious reasons- we are not posting address on here. Email one                                 of the eboard members to get exact address! =]

                **Movie is still TBA. GO HERE to vote for what movie to watch!

4. Panel Discussion (Bringing the Rainbow to Marquette!)
                What >> A panel discussion to talk about workshops we had while at MBLGTACC and how we can                             apply what we learned to Marquette campus
                When >> March 28, 2012 (6 p.m.- 8 p.m.)
                 Where >>  Basement of Library.
                ** More details will come- You will also see Fliers everywhere and we will most likely ask all GSA                      members to help tape them up all over campus so we can get as much visibility as possible.

                **THOSE ON THE PANEL- Please have your answers and notes prepared- If you are concerned                     about your answers- feel free to email them to any of the e-board members and we will look                         over it for you. Also- Those planning on doing the individual testimonies- please have that                             ready as well.

5. Sexual Awareness Week
            The Milwaukee Police Department was contacted by Marquette University last week to investigate a report of sexual assault. The incident occurred a week before Sexual Violence Awareness Week, highlighted through a variety of events around campus. Last April Marquette changed and strengthened its reporting policy so that all sexual assault reports to the Department of Public Safety are reported promptly to the Sensitive Crimes Unit. More information to come regarding specific events during this week.

**We won't be meeting next time until after Spring Break- But stay tuned on FB, email or check this calendar to keep updates on when our next meeting is! =]


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