For those who couldn't make our first meeting of the Spring semester, here's what you missed. (A wonderful game of Taboo and important information!!)
Upcoming Events to Look Forward to:
1. UWM Drag Show
                February 25 (more details will come later)
2. Day of Silence
                April 20
                - For those who are not aware of what the Day of Silence is all about: It's a day where we take a                   stand to end name calling, harassment and the silencing of LGBTQ persons. For more                                    information, refer to here.
3. We're also planning a few other group outings and social events, but if you have an idea or suggestions on what you'd like us to do, please feel free to contact eboard and let us know!

For those who are going to MBLGTACC conference:
It's on February 10th-12th and we're meeting at SHAMU (located between Shroeder and AMU) at 8 am on Friday. Please prepare ahead of time and let your professors know you will be missing classes that day. There will be another car leaving later, but we encourage to work things out with your professors ahead of time. Also, we are currently still short one car, so if anyone owns a car and would love to drive please feel free to contact Eboard. You will be compensated for tolls and gas!

Since we are going to conference very shortly, we need to fund raise for some money to ensure we get the most out of our trip experience. This event will take place Feb 2nd from 11:30 - 4 pm. There has been a sign up sheet to see who can table at what time. Please email Anna to sign up! Anyone who is going to the conference must participate in either tabling or donating baked goods to sell.

ALSO: Those of you who are going to the conference, please make sure Carl received the remainder of your deposit ($40). Thank you!!!

If you have any concerns or further questions, feel free to contact any member from the eboard!


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