Like always, for those who missed our past meeting- Here's a quick preview!
1. Courtney Hansen
(a representative from Career services came to talk to GSA regarding career related resources in the LGBT+ work area and wanted to know what else we would like to see from career services)

2. Christopher Decker
(He wanted to know our input on Transgender issues on campus and what is still needed for transgender students for his report to Chris Miller)

Upcoming Events:
1. Movie Night
    - This Friday At Marie's Apartment
    - Movie TBD

2. Pink Smoke Over Vacation
    - Sunday March 25 (6-8 p.m.)
    - MU Hall 100
    Women and Gender studies presents- a documentary viewing and discussion on women ordination

3. Panel Discussion
    - Wednesday March 28 (6-8 p.m.)
    - Basement of Raynor (B and C conference rooms)
    - Free food!!
    Help us advertise!! (we handed out printed out fliers and also a jpg version on our facebook page to spread the word via Internet!) *Hope to see you all there!!

4. Day of Silence
    April 20th
    - A list of events to anticipate (still in the planning-  more details are coming)
            - Day of Silence Shirt Making (Next general meeting- Bring $5-7 with you!)
            - Helping JJ make a silent video (This video will include students and faculty holding up signs with                 statistics regarding suicides or bullying rates and will be on Display all over AMU TV's)
            - Pledge to be Silent stickers will be handed out
            - March (meeting at Joan of Arc- around campus to Brew)
            - Breaking the Silence (at the brew)
            - Shall Not be Recognized Gallery Exhibit (an exhibit of Same sex couples and their stories on                     display on the first floor of AMU)
            - For the Bible Tells me So (Movie display at Auditorium) + discussion afterwords
            - Speak Up- Movie display by Multicultural affairs (week before day of silence)

Other Important Info Discussed:
1. Starshack Speaker
        We have a couple that funds us to invite speakers to campus to discuss LGBT+ issues. What would you         guys like to see?? What kind of speakers? To discuss what topics??

2. Next Year's E-board
What our roles are now:
Making sure everything runs smoothly and all e-board members stay on task
Interacting with people who wants to work with GSA

Vice President
Supports the President to get shit done

Making sure we have funding for our fun educational and      social events

Takes notes at meetings
Sending out emails and interfacing with members

Events Coordinator
Makes sure rooms are reserved and events are registered

PR/ Historian
Maintains GSA website, calendar, social media (FB)
Takes photos  & creates promotional fliers for GSA events

How election works:
1.Each individual can nominate themselves and others for the position and must be seconded by another person  

2.The individual that is nominated has a right to decline that position ● 3.The next meeting later – The candidates have 3 minutes to speak  regarding the ONE position they chose to run for ● 4.A secret ballot shall take place, with all members having one vote. ●

**Start thinking about what position to run for and or who to nominate- at our next meeting we will nominate!!

That's all for now! These events will also be listed on our calendar. Don't forget to come to the Panel discussion next wednesday!! Have a wonderful Easter Break and we'll see you all at our next general meeting on April 12!!


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